Music Video: E-40 - Can't Stop The Boss ft. Snoop Dogg, Too Short & Jazze Pha

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Lyrics to Can't Stop The Boss by E-40 ft. Snoop Dogg, Too Short & Jazze Pha

[Jazze Pha:]
Ladies and gentlemen*
You are now tuned in to the very best
of the Phin-vale Anton-tindale{?}

[Chorus: ~Jazze Pha~]
You can't stop the boss - like a runaway train
You can not stop me (stop me)
I'm on go and still in the game
You can not stop me - you can't stop the boss
This ain't no red light district
Green lights I fly by
She say we look like pimpin
I say baby you know you can't stop the boss

The definition of a boss let me put you up on it
B-O-S-S Bread Over Sucker Shit
Ain't too many left all the real ones done went away
I'm built from a different brick I'm carved from a different clay
Be careful what you wish play the game for what it's worth
Cause bein a boss can be a gift and a curse uhh
Hope for the best but expect the worst
They'd rather see you in a hearse than see you come in first
I'm gettin gouda my ****a I'm havin paper my fella
Man I get to it my ****a man makin revenue hella
I'ma tell you like dis like Kenny Red said
I'm havin everything that a king should have (beitch!)

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Snoop Dogg:]
I sell a dream
I'm hella clean this the life you wish fo'
I'm comfortable you can bump the flow
Brains blew out it's convertible
White walls plush seats
I'm a boss at all costs I must eat
Vintage statute grinnin at you
Gold ones continue spinnin at you
I'm a heavyweight look at how I levitate
And perpetuate the rate of the Golden State
My cousin Earl knew I'ma set it straight
And set a date and meditate and regulate

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Too $hort:]
You can try
But you can't stop me I'll be doin alright
Can't dilute cause I do it all night
I've been rappin on the mic my whole life
It's like I never stopped flowin I keep goin
Like a river where it ends you never knowin
I don't even think about it I'm a workaholic
I date pretty young girls with perfect bodies
We bosses gettin head in the office
All I do is cash checks and take offers
Ask Phalon Calvin or Earl
When you see me they be countin the girls

[Repeat Chorus:]

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