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Lyrics to When The Rain Stops by Young Buck

[Intro - talking]
Summertime drop top shit, ya know (hey, what it do!)
Yeah (it's goin down, we pullin the cars out man)
When the rain stops
(Let's ride), come on, (you know what it is), come on
Yeah (hey), hey (I'm talkin about Cashville sunshine)
You know what it is (Miami sunshine)
when the rain stops
(California sunshine), let's get it
Hey, what it do shorty, yeah (hey)

[Verse 1]
Woke up ready to shine, I'm ready to grind
In '08, I was '09, ahead of my time
I'm about to give it to 'em (give it to 'em), yeah fresh out the shop (what?)
Let me call Big Rich, tell him pull out his drop
I walk in my walk in closet
Shorty got a outfit for me but I already bought it (yeah)
Breakfast, yes it's the morning blunt (aight)
I get a couple more in me, then we goin to lunch (woo)
Put on my necklace, white gold, nothin too reckless (nah)
But just enough ice to make you haters respect this (okay)
Garage door open, about to do my thizzle (come on)
Shit goin good 'til I felt that drizzle (damn)
(Hey Buck, where you at?)

[Chorus - with ad libs]
Right back in my drop top, make the front end hop
Hit the block, when the - rain stops
I'm donut ridin and I can't stop, sittin high, no lie, just watch
When the - rain stops
We trappin over here around the clock, got the block on lock
It don't matter if the - rain stops
Now make it rain (make it rain)
Make it rain (make it rain)
Make it rain (make it rain)
Rain drops

[Verse 2]
Day turns to night as the rain pours (yeah)
Wet streets, still I'm a do what I came for (let's go)
Black skies got the ghetto inside (hey!)
All the hustlers that was tired, waitin on the sunrise (yeah)
Right back before all the mud dries (what?)
This is what happens (when?), when a thug cries (aight)
I'm everywhere like a Crip with Blood ties (what it do)
My ****az like "Buck let one of us drive" (hold up)
They know I'm gon be doin a buck five (yeah!)
Brand new rims (hey!), plus tires (haha)
Even if the storm don't stop (yeah), when it does get hot (what?)
You can bet the whole pot, I am in the hood like

[Chorus - with ad libs]

[Outro - talking]
See I remember way back
When my grandmother used to be like
"Boy turn that TV off, it's raining outside" (haha, haha)
And just like then
I can't wait to get back out there, so I can keep shinin on you hatin ass ****az
It's Young Buck bitch, hey! (hey ...)
And just know one thing shorty, it can't rain forever baby
I'm comin (I'm comin), I'll be on my way to get it (on my way to get it)
Yeah (yeah), just hold up for a minute (when the rain stops)
And yeah, you know what to do
Just turn me up and listen to them (rain drops, haha)
DJs know what it is, the streets know what I'm a do (When the rain stops, let's go)
And then it's right back (then it's right back)
But y'all always gon' hear them (rain drops)
(Hey Buck, where you at?)

[Chorus - with ad libs]

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Young Buck
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