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Lyrics to I Rep That West by Ice Cube

You know what West Coast n-ggas is gon' tell me? This is too West Coast

[Chorus (x2)]
Doin' my own (own) thang (thang)
And if you got a problem wit' that
Then the nina go bang (bang) bang (bang)
And I be everywhere on the map
but I rep that West (x8)

[Verse 1]
Don't you know that I rep that
Why you got to let that boy in the buildin'
Don't you know that he about to kill 'em
Don't you know that he about to hurt y'all feelins
Can't find (?) might as well play the villain
Imma get him, why? Cuz I can't baby sit him
Imma whip him, treat him like bad ass children
Is it evil, y'all better call them people
How I get down, just ain't legal
Money long, sorta like Louis Vuitton
I run this shit right here, call me marathon
(Boom) I blow like a cherry bomb
You a small donation bitch, I'm a telethon
West Coast million, what is he really on
Is it that sh-t that n-ggas go silly on?
Hell no, the pyroclastic flow is evident (West Side)
And y'all know what I represent


[Verse 2]
I rep that dub, I rep that S, I'm a monster
West side, Lochness, I'm a problem
Matter fact, I'm a mess, Los Angeles, so scandalous
South Central, home of so much potential
But if you go there the warfare is mental
Bring your wheelchair you probably gon' need it
Leave this motherf-cker a paraplegic
N-ggas around the world that think they wanna bang
Don't get your ass caught up like Lil Wayne
I'm too West Coast for the West Coast
Too Fresnos (??)
Too (??) and burritos
I'm down with Angelinos
Go downtown and give a bum a C-note
This my town, I run it, you walk it
You just now learnin' the game, I taught it


[Verse 3]
(?) you got a problem with this
Let me know so I can add your f-ckin' name on my list
All you West Coast DJs check your wrists
If you skiddad the big fish to your playlist
Now, enemies of this industry, I'm a
Hall of famer, treated like a stranger
F-ck that, another West Coast banger
Who gives a f-ck if they play it in Virginia
Imma play it on (Danker?) Imma play it (??)
All of (??) will make your head turn
Motherf-ckers wanna take our style
And run that sh-t 3000 miles
Then, rub your sh-t all in our face
This war show all at our place, damn
Can a n-gga get a lil ol' taste
Of some of that shine, it look like mine

[Chours (x2)]

Y'all know what it is
Is this too West Coast for you motherf-ckers?
So what, sanctioned by the OG's of America
The Grand Wizard is a certified G
That mean genius, bitch

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Ice Cube
Ice Cube
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