Music Video: Party Boyz - Flex

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Lyrics to Flex by Party Boyz

Hands on Yo Head Whlie u Workin On Tha Floor
Fire up that kush as i walk throw tha doo
coogi head to toe so you kno
im gettin chosen so wacth mehh hit her wit that flex
she go be beggin fo some more
so watch me work[x4]
so watch me work
hit wit that flex
hit her wit that flex
hit wit that
hit her wit that flex
she go be beggin fo some more[x3]

Featured Artist

Party Boyz
Party Boyz
The music video for Party Boyz's single Flex has already been viewed 27,186 times since it was posted on Thursday, February 4, 2010. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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