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Lyrics to Walk These Streets by Rakim ft. Maino

[Tracey Horton - Intro] (Rakim)
La-da-da-dah, la-da-da-dah
La-da-da-dah, la-da-da-dah (Uh...yeah...)
(This is for the haters...keep hatin)
La-da-da-dah, la-da-da-dah
La-da-da-dah, la-da-da-dah
(It's what we call money music, right here)
(Uh, yeah, let's go in)

[Rakim - Verse 1ne]
I perform in cities, hoods, and slums, the best seller is drugs
And money is the only thing that get love
They say don't let it make you, but that's how they rate you
And the more you got, the more they hate you (That's okay too!)
Just don't get in the way, 'cause at the end of the day
My agenda's make sure I get them ends to get paid (uh-huh)
So I'm stackin grands 'til the math expand
It's the man with the master plan
Since the Bambino, cash made my path cross with evil
Uno dos cinco on a crowded corner rollin c-lo
To chips and the chick in the casino pourin Cliquot
'Cause now I make music for the c-notes
From New York to Puerto Rico, California to Rio
Hit the streets like the kilo but I'm legal
It's swga like I walk with heat though with all my people
But it's just me and my alter ego

[Chorus: Tracey Horton]
I walk these streets, wit my mind on my plan
It's alright if you don't understand
I walk these streets, think like I got a gun in my hand
'cause hatin is the nature of man
(Sometimes I wanna, stop the cameras, just pop the hammer
Box the innocent bystander and his man up)
I walk these streets, think like I got a gun in my hand
It's alright if you don't understand
Just stay outta my waaaay

[Maino - Verse 2wo]
Yo, one for my comrades, two for my family
Three for the day that I run into my enemies
We gon' make a movie, the world gon' remember me
I survived it all dawg, what the hell you tellin me?
I remember days when, I was young and aidin
Cuttin class, chasin ass, couldn't pass grades and
Chillin on the block then, listenin to Rakim
Back of his album filled up with Killer Ben
Supreme Magnetic and I wasn't athletic
But I ran around with the Tre-8 Magnetic
Money on my mind, crack vials in my Levi's
Been a dog since I had the cream colored Filas (Hahahah!)
Yeah, yeah, we fly, seen it all with these eyes
Gunplay and drugs if you put my mind on rewind
Fast forward my life, ya boy done MADE IT!
If I could do it over, I wouldn't CHANGED IT!


[Rakim - Verse 3hree]
(Ay, good lookin out my dude)
Aiyyo Maino, it's the same ol' same ol'
Don't matter if you in it for the fame or you lay low
Haters gon' hate but, it's okay though (Keep doin what you ddo)
The angle is make sure the payroll stay swoll
Big faces, cake dough and di-nay-ros
Rubels, yen yang, euros and pesos
Seven digit figures, tryna make more zay-ros
Spray holes in whoever in the way so (Stay outta my waaaay)
While I count the next bundle (that's right)
"All means necessary," Malcolm X hustle
A threat yet humble, about to flex muscle
Get a big amount then I'm in and out the next jungle
'Cause every other day, I'm in another state
It's like I cross the thin line between love and hate
But I gotta eat, gotta get another plate
So I'm on my cake walk for the cake


Just stay outta my waaaay..
(It's what they do..)
Just stay outta my waaaay..

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