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Lyrics to I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman by k-os

I'm on the run for my life
It's seems that everything that you said was right
Has come undone lost my sight
But have you ever thought you've done your best
When you were under the gun that's right
I know I've seen this place before but it's never been so fun
Never been so fun

I've been on the run
This Shadow weighs a ton
It's starting to make sense to me
I can't really make you love me
No I can't really make you love me

I've been on the run
Shadow weighs a ton
I know I found a recipe for me
But I can't really make you love me
No I can't really make you love me

You know I'm haunted on overseas
Haunted on each coast
Play them like ebaneeza
I made them see the ghost
Back from the future dawned in Japanese kimonos
Even though the streets show love to try to see me grow
I often see me floatin but my shadow it weighs a ton
Call it baggage I use it all to advantage
But I can't make you love me
This time it's on you
And you can't try to deny these words when they're true
I'm on the run

[Repeat Chorus:]

Let's gets a steppin
Your tongue is like a weapon
This is cappin from heaven and yet
So are y'es since the age of seventeen
I've been taking apart microphones
You've been taking apart men you've blown
With glowing skeleton bones
In the closet animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat between us
But you needs a woman's glorious diamonds and fetus
Carry my penis I'm like the man in the moon we kissed see you soon
On the run

[Repeat Chorus:]

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