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Lyrics to Git It by Ying Yang Twins ft. Bun B

Yeah (Yeah)
Uh Colli Park in the house
Slick we got Bun B (Bun Ying Yang Twins Check it out
Colli Park drop them beats that'll rock ya world (Thats Right)
We Got Bun B and Ying Yang in this thang
so get get get get get get it girl

Get It Get It Get It Girl (x 4)
Get it girl (scratched up)
Show them hoes wat u workin with

Baby gotta eat You better get right
Magic City, Monday, thats the crunk night
That Petrone get a ****a gut shiverin
Sight for sore eyes these hoes be deliverin
**** poppin and shakin bringin home the bacon
These hoes is for the takin no clothes that mean they naked
What the hell you waitin on your ass better get it
These girls in the club you better come on with it
Drop it, Pop It, Shake it, roll it whoa
bitch got a ****a **** sittin on swoll
loosin control off the liquor
and imma like the way she put that thing on a ****a
She playin with my mind see the bitch is fine
I can't make her mine but i could drop a dime
You want her to dance, this your chance
****a leave the club with his print showin in his pants


Damn! look at that face look at those eyes
look at them hips look at them thighs
Got that apple bottom, baby fat top
Baby girl you a bad mother (boy stop)
Girl i ain't trippin and i ain't hatin
but i been watchin and i been waitin
like the way that you shake that thing
lookin like you finna break that thing
You need to let me take that thing with me back to the pad
Coz when i put it on you betchya won't be mad
You know i go hard then i go deep
And its all night long we don't need no sleep
Have you doin things that your last man couldn't
Lick the lolly pop while i play with the puddin
You said you wouldn't, i knew you would
don't be scared, its all good, go, get it


Drop it down low hoe shake that shit
Lift up for a ****a get loose with it bitch
Go Down If he really want some
get your ass on the floor and get crunk
money comes and goes
so its best you get your ass on the floor
Start poppin that **** and then gettin it low
Got 10 20 30 40 50 dollar bills
So your ass get crunk show me all of your skills
Keep it real even tho i know ur a lady
You Still in the booty club naked shake it
Hold that shit girl show me what you got there
Jaga Jaga Jaga Jaga Jaga for a hot tip
Bitch get crunk let me see you hit a split
Bop your ass up and down like you ridin on a ****
I came to the club to put some money in your world
so get it get it get it get it get it get it girl


Get It Girl
Get It Girl
Get it get it get it
Get It Girl
Get It Girl
Show them hoes wat u workin with

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Ying Yang Twins
Ying Yang Twins
The music video for Ying Yang Twins' single Git It ft. Bun B has already been viewed 11,544 times since it was posted on Thursday, February 16, 2006. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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