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Lyrics to Lights Down Low by 2 Pistols ft. C-Side

She say, turn the lights off.
I'm like no!
(This is-this is-this is)
2 Pistols, Young Joe
I like my lights low.

Chorus: Young Joe
Lights down low, nice n' slow.
I'mma give your body what it's fiendin' fo'.
Lights down low, I'm a pro.
Ain't no limitations when this love unfolds.
Wanna do you over here, do you over there
Don't tell nobody the freaky moments that we share
Lights down low, oh oh low, oh oh low
Lights down low, oh oh low, oh oh low
Lights down low

Verse 1: 2 Pistols
I took a glance at the ??? it say two-thirty
DJ screamin' last call, vision blurry
She say she gon get freaky as I wan' her to be
So I took her home in the rover with me, we blowin' on trees
????????????????????????????, shawty wide open
Coupe's got her loose, I reach down low, she soakin'

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2 Pistols
2 Pistols
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