Music Video: Rick Ross - Mafia Music (Remix)

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Lyrics to Mafia Music (Remix) by Rick Ross

I got a feelin' ****a rillin' and my money be the root
Look up at da stars she like, honey where the roof?
Pull up, hear the dogs, canaries dey go on roof
Even once had a job pourin' tar up on the roof

Dat boy had it hard no facade, it's da truth
So now when I menage and get massaged just to proof
Proofs in dat pudding & dat bakin' sodas takin'
Paper dat would make take dem photos naked

Listenin' to ****as like whistlin' at Wiggie Williams
I flip my middle finga I'm chillin' on 20 million
Da room has turned me on I'm masterbatin' at da top
These hoes so excited so dey catchin' every drop

I'm dodgin' the barcols like pot holes in Jamaica
We cut down the weed, bury the paper on the makers
Martin had a dream, Bob got high
I still do both but somehow I got by

Treflo prayed, Mike Vick payed
Bobby Brown stray, Whitney lost weight
Kimbo Slice on da pad when I write
Dat may why they money lookin' funny in the light

But who really cares if you just throw it in the air
Celebratin' wealth pourin' Moet in her hair
Excuse me her weave the blue is her weed
Trunk full of white, car smell like blue cheese

Dat boy get salad beef bow movement
BM dubs on dem big thangs lookin' foolish
Shawty sittin' low big thangs poppin'
Tip on da glock from a crip up in Compton

Shootin' at da ...

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Rick Ross
Rick Ross
The music video for Rick Ross' single Mafia Music (Remix) has already been viewed 12,571 times since it was posted on Saturday, June 13, 2009. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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