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Lyrics to Download by Lil' Kim ft. Charlie Wilson & T-Pain

YEAH! (you already know what it is)(you already know who it is)

Shawty I been lookin at these pictures of you ,
So when you gon call me?
When you gonna come thru?
(whats your fantasy?)
All I wanna do is download
When you gonna let me download?
Shawty up Shawty down low
when you gonna let me download?

(Verse 1)-Kim

I'm on MySpace and its type late
my baby got me number 1 on his top 8
It's computer love
we dont mind the hate
they just MySpace freaks tryna find a date
We up all night ,havin CyberSEX
He chat ,I chat though we neva met
He said he wanna explore me like tha internet
its like a orgasm everytime he send a text
He wanna download
He likes to download
Lil' Kim songs and put 'em on his ringtone
he even got my screensaver on his I-phone
I get more hits than a TMZone
we goin back and forth
sendin emails
he a thug so I hit em' on his g mail
his sense of humor got me writin L-O-L
I sent pictures of myself straight to tha cell


(Verse 2)
He been lookin at my sexy pics
said he diggin my sexy hips
he wanna kiss my sexy lips
and download me on his floppy disk
Lil' Kim is the only one on his mind
he wanna come thru and put me on his hard drive
3 o'clock in the morning ,we be online
others send friend requests
but they get denied
he type I Miss You
I type back to let him know the feelings mutual
It's just MySpace love
but its beautiful
he love to watch my videos on YouTube
hey ,its like everytime I log on
I get so turned on
Computer Love playin in the back
(that's my song)
the only one that have me up all night long
feels like a fantasy
chemistry is so strong


I hope you look like your pictures do
and when I see you
up close and personal
so I can touch you
late night all in U insomniac
im here now
grab me where my heart burn at
I meant what I said when I typed that
Lil Mama scream my name if you like that {yes I am the Computer love}
aint nothin like computer love




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Lil' Kim
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