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Lyrics to I Am Moving by Donny Goines

Verse 1

Close ya eyes and just imagine
--Ya Soul could fly and touch the planets
I shoot for stars Im stuck on Satarn
-In another world cause my love for rappen

Launchs my mind in the atmosphere
Galaxies I explore in the stratisphere
--I absorb when the path is clear
Luminated by the moon when the track appears

--I go tanning on the sun
-And all my worries just vanish when Im done --Blast Off in spaceships
--Helmet on and I can taste it

On the tip of tounge the hopes and dreams
Im takin flight with Broken wings
-Now leave your eyes Open please
-I am moving come float with me

Verse 2

Sky's the limit I shoot for stars
--Cuz I really love the view from mars
-Light years in the booth from ya'll
Just listen real close to these group of bars

--My thoughts strech out to Venus
-Minds a Black Hole, You doubt my Genius
--But that's only cuz the ground's beneath this
---Understand those clouds my Zenith

--And my Solar System
--Can Illuminate your Soul wit Wisdom
---You just gotta believe
But people like you never bother ta leave

--So I'll fly to tha moon
Just to show you the way, this pilot'll cruise
--Just relax I'm supplying the fuel
--I hope you decided to move

Verse 3

Here's a Telescope Search for Me
--My Soul's on Mecury
--Brain in orbit, earth's beneath
-A Supernova was the birth of me

---And my thoughts in Pluto
The constellations, map out a new flow
--And the gravity's too low
For many out there so there concious moves slow

'But I travel at the speed of light
--They say great minds think alike
-So I hope when I speak thru mics
--It'll help the grouded reach these heights

--Cause the view's amazing
Release your mental, Yall mind is caged in
-Just use your imagination
I AM moving, why are waitin

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Donny Goines
Donny Goines
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