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Lyrics to Hypnotic by Syleena Johnson

Rap by R.Kelly

Verse 1:
Boy, you got that crazy magic formula
And I can't shake it babe
Just wanna drink it babe
And I stay hungry for your love
You keep me wanting "beef"
Wanna eat it up
Tell me what

(What is this)
(That's so addictive)That's so addictive that I
Lose control
It feels so good
I had to ask a question
(What is this)
(That's got me feenin) Got me fiending, yeah
Can't seem to let go
Oh, baby your love is so

Hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic, hypnotic, so hypnotic
Your love is so

Verse 2:
Can't seem to run, can't seem to hide
Your love keeps finding me
It's that chemistry between us
Oooh, boy you are all I focus on
I'm loving every moment
So why'd you had to go on and blow my mind



Fabulous' intro/Rap

Bridge:(You're my medicine) Oh, you take the pain away
And bring me healing, boy
(And you bring me so much joy)
Whenever you come near me
I just cannot help myself
Because your love is so


ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh

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Syleena Johnson
Syleena Johnson
The music video for Syleena Johnson's single Hypnotic has already been viewed 9,349 times since it was posted on Sunday, November 27, 2005. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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