Music Video: Mavado - Dying ft. Serani

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Lyrics to Dying by Mavado ft. Serani

Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh
Ay, yea yea yea, Wa wooh ooh

[Verse 1:]
Back in penitentiary
Long gone misery
Left me alone, I grew up
Amongst the mad breed
So my mind
Couldn't find a place to rest
With me got this thug plaque
Tattoo on my chest
****a never sleep
When am living in da past
Stare in the lights
Mi pop off and first to blast
He knew my father
He was a gangsta in the streets
But now hes gone
Mi deh ya so still a plead
Till him rest in peace
Now am heading for the treach
I remember me
So many homies in the cemetery
Seem as if I am a missionary
But when am gone
Know my momma
Gonna cry for me

Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh
Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh

[Verse 2:]
Take me away
From all the pressure
And all the pain,
Show me some happiness again
I'm going blind
I spend my time down stairs
I live in bed
You know my destiny is hell
But till I fear
My mind is so misleading
I couldnt see
I gotta brain full of demons
Tryin to break free
I know one day
When, (Ay)
But when I die
I be steppin with my father
And the most high w

Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh
Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh

[Verse 3:]
No one knows my struggle
They dont know my trouble
Son you must go on
Because ya momma love you
They dont wanna see me rich
They wanna see me poor
Gangsta 4 life, I see you running
Sing some more

Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh
Ay, yea yea yea, Wa ooh ooh

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