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Ishawna wants to release stress in the sensual visual for her raunchy new single "Need Love". The Jamaican reggae sensation needs your loving tonight because her man is gone and she cannot sleep. She doesn't want to cheat but she can't help it so she wants you to come over. The cheater's anthem was directed by Mr. B.

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Lyrics to Need Love by Ishawna

Mi man a gay so mu not happy
All fi days him no touch mi body
Temper a raise and mi need mi car keys
Tonight him a get bun god know mi sorry

[Verse 1]
So fi this one time
Mi a walk in a a gyal life
Tek weh are man fi a night
Return him back in a the morning

But tonight, mi body a calling
An mi man him gone
So mi need yo loving
So jump the wall and come ova the yard
The back window open
Mi body in need tonight
So mi want yo give it to mi sweet tonight yea
Didn’t wanna cheat tonight
But I couldn’t sleep tonight

Mi need love, mi need ****
Tired fi drop a sleep every minute mi wake up
Caw mi body need sex, it need sex
Him no have no use a you do it the sweetest

Without love, without ****
Tired fi drop asleep every minute mi wake up
Caw mi body need sex, it need sex
Him no have no use a you do it the sweetest

[Verse 2]
Right now rain a fall
Nature call a da time deh
Vibes right, mood set
Meck mi jade nighty
Jump pon a cab because mi need you beside me
No worry bout mi, mi naw worry bout you wifey
Yea, tonight I wanna feel good
Need to feel you so give me real good
Back, back, back it up
Foot deh pon yo shoulder
Really wish you could have sleep ova

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
So gimmi, give it to mi hard mi no care
Hold mi, pop out every strawn a mi hair
Slap mi paw mi rump and left yo palm print there
Him naw go seet, further more mi no care
A dirty to mi caw tonight mi and you deh
Remain a bottle full fill you everyday
Bite mi pon yo lip hold mi tight wid yo fist
And give it to mi hard and hard

[Repeat Chorus]

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The music video for Ishawna's single Need Love has already been viewed 26,972 times since it was posted on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. The video belongs to the music genre of Reggae.

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