Music Video: Yung Chase - Man I'm About ft. Paul Wall & Slim Thug

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Lyrics to Man I'm About by Yung Chase ft. Paul Wall & Slim Thug

you aint never seen a young one like this i be hop out the whip 40 thousand on my chest yea im throwin money in the wind in aint nuttn made in rain 6 times last week now its flooding i had to build a bank called chase have you beeen there yea they call it chase got my money in there i stay up in the voult chopin with the boss dont make me paul wall ya boy gotta brake them off all my money ****as wayin up ruba band up stand up dallas textas im gunna man up and what home of the lean thousand dollar jeans i thank she like my dougie (ooh that boy clen) i got a chick named dimond sittn right beside me she grabbin on the pistol and playin with my dimonds

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Yung Chase
Yung Chase
The music video for Yung Chase's single Man I'm About ft. Paul Wall & Slim Thug has already been viewed 9,448 times since it was posted on Sunday, September 14, 2008. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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