Music Video: T-Weaponz - XtraOrdinary ft. Diamonique

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Lyrics to XtraOrdinary by T-Weaponz ft. Diamonique

Got me on the spot
Like what (Like what)
Better know what's up (You know what's up)
You steppin' to a girl
Like me (Like me)
Xtraordinary (Uh hun)

I'm that ****a that you yap about, brag about, wow
Knew that mami that I rap about, right about now
Got shorty going out her way, just to get me on a date
I'm in the room like a crib that's a house away
Shorty's living on her own
Got me sittin' in her home
While I'm sippin' on some liquor, got her strippin' to her bone
She a snake charmer
You should see the face on 'em
So hot, you could probably bake a cake on her
Wrote this on, based on, slim waist on her
Her hips gotta switch hard enough to break armor
Got to stay on her mind, wink all the time
Shorty's just fine, think I gotta make her mine

I'm in the spot, and my fam up in here, hands in the air
Hand on the beer, plus a hand on the rear
Since I knew shorty already, banged her for years
Look how the chandeliers, hang off her ears
No groupie scenario, she's movie material
Ash shakes the ground, like music to stereos
Whole waste line, makes a waistline
Baby, I know I made mistakes
I can't promise, to be honest to you
Bet I won't fight about shit I'd probably do, too
So don't question what I did for you
When a ****a give up a rib for you (For real)

I'll have to sell, while I let my eyes do the walkin'
A little red bone, so vodka got me hawkin'
And I'm from New York and, it's not very often
I'm in ya neck in the woods, so please, skip the talkin'
This how actions speak louder than curves
A whole ass in the spot'll speak it louder than hers
But I don't let that swing me, and I don't deal with maybe's
I play the game, I don't let the game play me
I make the money, ma, I don't let it make me
I'm the type of ****a you call, even though you hate me
You tell your girls, "He's crazy"
But you can't replace me
And you wish you didn't have to chase me

If you didn't know me then, but you know me now
I been lookin' for a woman that won't slow me down
You're lookin', good lookin', not a soul around
Still looking for a woman that can hold me down


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