Video Premiere: Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros

Snoop Dogg pays homage to Blaxploitation films of the 1970s in the official visual for his brand-new single "So Many Pros". The song was written by the 43-year-old rapper (real name Calvin Broadus) together with Pharrell Williams. The funky track was produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. The background vocals are provided by Charlie Wilson, Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams and Rhea Dummett. "So Many Pros" serves as the second single off Snoop Dogg's thirteenth studio album 'Bush', due out on May 12, 2015 via Doggystyle, I Am Other and Columbia Records.

The François Rousselet-directed music video features a variety of cinematic teasers in the form of animated movie posters of fictitious films like the titular "So Many Pros", "Snoop Dogg's Blast", "Snoop's Deadly Angels", "Roxy", "Slick Boomer", "100,000 Stone Mike", "Snoop's Connection", "Shake! the Night", "Dynamite", "Night City", "Go Baby Go!", "Meet Me Out", "Black Jack", "Money Over Bitches", "Cruel Sistas", "Gold Digger", "OctoBabes", "B.I.R.D.S.", "Sip Hit", "Dogg Father", "Born Deadly", "From Nile With Love", "Kill for a Pro", "Wild Mamas", "She-Devils on Heels", "Can You Make It", "Raging Street", "In the Club", "Ebony Jane", "Bad Girls", "California Heat", and even faux XXX-rated films like "Follow the Bush", "Pretty People", "Caged Bodies", "Wet Lips" as well as a few covers of the Playboy magazine graced with dark chocolate beauties. The clip also features a cameo from Pharrell Williams as the star of a sci-fi flick, "Stellaria".

It is a feast to the eyes to watch the visual for "So Many Pros". For your convenience we have included the song lyrics to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along with the artist. Now, don't let us hinder you any longer. Just hit the play button and enjoy the show.

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Lyrics to So Many Pros by Snoop Dogg

Meet me out, can you make it?
Please don’t make me lie to you, lady
I’m in it, I’m not in it, but poochie says women
At the club we finna go, sip some drink and hit some dro
It’s ok if you don’t go, I’ll make sure to tell you
'bout these pros (it’s like somebody’s growin’ them on trees)
So many pros (it’s like somebody’s growin’ them on trees) (x3)
So many...

[Verse 1]
All the ugly people, hold on
I can see all the pretty people, on
Not saying that I’ve never been wrong
But tonight I got me a hot, come on
Now let me talk to ya, girl

For your um, for your information, baby
I’m that winner, you need to go and ask somebody
For your um, for your information, baby
I’m that winner, you need to go and ask somebody


[Verse 2]
We party to the break of dawn
Every girl just dance with nothin’ on
Where we at they don’t see nothin’ wrong
Well you know we were outside on the lawn
Now let me talk to ya, girl

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

[Verse 3]
When good music come on
It can get inside your head like porn
By yourself like whatchu grabbin’ on
Then look down, it was so much fun
Now let me talk to ya, girl

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
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