Video Premiere: Wiley - On A Level

British rapper Wiley returns to his grime roots in the offiicial visual for his new single "On A Level". The Skepta-produced track is the first promotional single lifted from Wiley's highly-anticipated upcoming tenth studio album 'Snakes and Ladders', scheduled to be released in November 2014 by Big Dada.

The music video was directed by fellow grime legend Skepta and finds Wiley rapping inside and around a house out in the woods. He's joined by other grime greats like Jammer and other members of Boy Better Know, Giggs, Stormzy and Novelist.

Watch the On A Level video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to On A Level by Wiley

On a level
Still roll deep on a level
I represent the best MCs on a level
I don't know what they told you, but I'm not a mook
You can never be like Wiley, on a level
Give me trophies of all-time medals
Cause every time I wanna put pressure on a levels
I say no till I'm living off shekels
So tell a sound boy you can't play with the levels
On a level

[Verse 1]
Steam whistle
Take it off your head like a big Scud missile
My style's after Izzle
My donny got caught on the road with twenty jizzle
Ain't heard a word from him, he gone mizzle
Can't be a bear if you don't really wanna grizzle
Shit's gonna happen if you're keeping it rizzle
Yes, talk is cheap like Lidl
Our manna old school like piggy in the middle
I'm in season, I'm in season, I got riddim
For the holiday season I got gyaldem who said they wanna start breedin'
And it's a hype, cause that's the life I've been leadin'
And I'm eediat sometimes but I'm realist
Cause I'm the [?], like I'm on the C-list
I ain't breddin', that's the way my whole team is
In the corner of the dance standing where the G's is


[Verse 2]
I haven't written for a bit
Because I've been chillin' out, missing on the grid
High grade got man livin' in a mist
Vodka and lemonade, sippin' till I piss
Manna big fish up in the game, no sprats
House on the beach, no hoods, no hats
And we're swimmin' in the sea with the prawns and the crabs
This type of life's all good, no bad
I feel so glad, I'm free, alive and kicking
For years I've been kicking up a dust and winning
For years I've been picking up a mic and spitting
Telling everybody how my whole team's living
Telling everybody how the whole scene's wavy
Got the sick spitters in training
Just like the army or navy
Hailed 'em up for all the bravery
It was the London streets that made me


[Verse 3]
I'm levellin', I'm level in
The price of the house here's stash treblin'
People wanna go to the hot spot and rave
If they ain't my friend then I can't get 'em in
I came through murkin' sidewinder sets
Said I'm gonna work so I find the cheques
Now I'm tied in, and the money flies in
Tell a business team I'd like to invest
See it's all fun and games till you end up broke
I don't want my career to end up a joke
On a good day you'll be making paper
On a bad one you'll be looking for hope
So if you really want my advice then take it
Try not to spend until you've made it
Just live within your means innit
I don't need to front cause I've seen it

[Hook (x2)]

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