Video Premiere: Chanel West Coast - Blueberry Chills ft. Honey Cocaine

Chanel West Coast teams up with fellow rapstress Honey Cocaine in the trippy visual for her new stoner's anthem "Blueberry Chills".

The low-budget music video was directed by Goodboyshady.

Watch the Blueberry Chills video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Blueberry Chills by Chanel West Coast ft. Honey Cocaine

Strawberry fields,
cranberry wheels,
raspberry heels,
blueberry chills 4x

This beat hit hard like mallets,
24, like karats
I stay smoking raw, organics
Like a chainsaw, trees vanish
Tell me your name, so I can forget it
I'm in the fast lane
And you at the exit

Blow past you bitches
While you blow for riches
I ball hard like bitches
You holding on like stitches
I'm taking off, no glitches
You behind me like hitches
Stay grinding like bitches
In the eye lens like snitches

Cocaine white
C's in the Mclaren
Up all night
These speakers blaring
Keep it clean, like it's my parents,
This my life, so you can stop staring

Strawberry fields,
cranberry wheels,
raspberry heels,
blueberry chills 4x

Bitch I got some blue
Oh yeah I got some red
Oh you ain't got my money?
Then bitch I got your head
And I got the heater under my bed
Two seaters and I got jets
I ain't wanna talk about numbers,
Cause they might just call the feds

I know you out of your mind
And you know my pockets looking like lime
You only wasting my time
You a gangster online
What you gonna do?
Tweet at me?
Take it to the hood bitch
Let the streets have me

Step up, I got a down bitch Ima call her
I'm out of town with my ballers
And if you talk big money then holla
Lil fish, get ate hoe
I'm drunk as shit but I'm capable
I see it all in your face hoe
You aint high, you a fake hoe

Strawberry fields,
cranberry wheels,
raspberry heels,
blueberry chills 4x

I don't need your opinion
You softer than mignon-filet, baby
Fake homies get shitted on
Bossing, my flows be the tightest
Flossing, like I had gingivitis
Push back them hoes
Release day they froze
They on they toes, like tryna see the show

Get in line, like you at the DMV
It's my time, YMCMB
Homies need some checkin'
Like they carrying a weapon
Ain't no disrespecting
But yo clothes look like they slept in
Today you shoulda slept in
Step master flow
Keep steppin

Strawberry fields,
cranberry wheels,
raspberry heels,
blueberry chills 4x

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Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast
The music video premiere of Chanel West Coast's single Blueberry Chills ft. Honey Cocaine has already been viewed 6,730 times since it was posted on Friday, August 15, 2014. The video belongs to the music genre of Hip-Hop.

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