Music Video: Robin Thicke - Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Remix)

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Lyrics to Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Remix) by Robin Thicke

[Verse 1]
If I told you that I love you
Would you run away
Or would you run to me
I need to know it baby
If I gave you all my lovin'
Would you give it back
What would you do with that
I ask a lot of that
And if I gave you all my time
When it's the summertime
And all my downtime
Yeah, that’s a lot of times
If I'm fallin' over you
Then what you gonna do
I wanna come with you
I wanna run with you

I give you all my lovin' to you
I give you all my lovin' to you

[Verse 2]
If I partied 'til the morning would you stay with me?
Girl would you play with me
Or would you hate on me?
If I ran all out of money
Would you pay for me
Or would you stray from me?
I need to know it babe
If there's something I could do to make you see the light
Girl that I'll treat you right
I'd do it every night
Every second that I'm with you it's a special world
Like I'm your only man
And you're my only girl

I give you all my lovin' to you
I give you all my lovin' to you

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Robin Thicke
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