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Lyrics to Happiness by Sam Sparro

I can see the sun coming up
and I need it (oooh yeah)
I feel like I've been down for a while
They said the grass was always greener
but you know I haven't seen a...
I feel like I've been dying for a smile

And I'm not going to stop
coz time waits for no one
I got only? what I got
while I'm alive

I can feel the world spinning 'round
do you feel it? (oh yeah)
before every day comes a night
but if you're blinded by the light
you can't see anything in sight
sit tight sit tight it'll be alright


Happiness you belong to me,
Happiness you're mine X2

I said I've been looking for you
but I haven't found ya X4

Happiness you belong to me,
Happiness you're mine

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Sam Sparro
Sam Sparro
The music video for Sam Sparro's single Happiness has already been viewed 10,187 times since it was posted on Sunday, March 11, 2012. The video belongs to the music genre of Dance.

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