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Lyrics to I Am 4 Real by Saigon

ah yeah

i told ****as once i start they can't stop your .. skill.

i am 4 real
now i ain't them black mother f*cker ..for real
i am 4 real
i'm just telling you hwo i feel
i am 4 real
****as i hide but they not that ..
i am 4 real

sucker i'm real
i got the hood on smash bitch
this all gonna get get a lot of ****as smash kid
'cause as for all singing the same real
mother f*ckers might be as well plstic and if i have to elarn magic
abracadabra you all can ..binocular
this is not a methapof masacre is a message
you ..with a ****a is way too agressive
me to not have none in a way too posesive
but now want just to gotta live for something just to gotta lvie
the reason why i aint' this ****a ..
i just feel liek a bully
they should praise me liek i had hit it was woody
made otu a bretah made a .. cooky
..holla like a wolf ****a we can see the shits ..
what they feelin, i am 4 real
and i am dark just coudl .. them black mother f*cker
i am 4 real,
Look i'm just telling you hwo i feel
i am 4 real
****as you rap but you not that deal
i am 4 real

in mother f*ckers might get more listen too me
they aint got aquarter like me
gangstas got bored to ..
you a real G in thsi .. to mistery
'cause aint' nobody hurt it is to put it
and actually you put it .. in trap
before you was trappin
you was a nice guy man i dont' know what happen
got you with nice ride
that's when used to ..
trickin the hoes when you holla ..
and just still don't get it
yes the reason you won't quit it
i spit it for all truth all ..
all ****as like .. for you
my ****a ..can't be cool
is the new AB AB the movement the music is crazy


2 x
now break it down aha
now break it down aha
now break it break it down

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