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Lyrics to Rack City by Brianna Perry

[Verse 1]

New girl, hot momma
Fast money, NASCAR
Clean record, flawless
Raw shit, no scars
I am authentic, I am not with the copy swag
Everyday poppin' tags, ridin' with the (....)
Cute face but the attitude mean
You should bad, bitch, my high self esteem, Bri
On the way, with a degree
Like (....), to run that dumb shit by me
I'm boss, if it's mine I spend it
No I can't date you, out-dated with the fitted
Spaz if you wanna, I'mma snapback on her
Since you're coppin' bottles all I see is a Corona
I am her, Ms. Perry if you ask me
Ball like Mike, Ms. Perry if you're nasty
Tuition flow, doe, be on classy
Black bag, all competition, trashy
Rack, Rack City, say I'm (....)
I'm above the law, and I'm livin' by DaVinci
I buy the buck sun dress, but never buy the biddy
Never by the biddy when your chick is go getty
Watchin' J Fiddy Fiddy, ever since I was a kiddy
And I knew that I would make it cause the hustle is just in me
And these rappers all actors, man, they needa' get some Emmmy's
And these dudes takin' shots, I think I better grab my semi, POW
You on my old line, I got a new phone
And everything I rap about, I mean I do own
3 years salary, perform one song
Dope flow, Bri song
Probably just skiin' in my beach home, probably got Marilyn Monroe as your ringtone
B Class eras, hold the keys to the kingdom
Talk about nothin', man they rap for no reason
Me in Miami, walk around like I'm freezing
Lookin' at my back, think it's fat, think it's Big Sean
Breezy like Chris, like Bosh, be a big shot
And I a'int end the verse, like an NBA Lockout

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Brianna Perry
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