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Lyrics to Rollin' by Lil Chuckee

I only date models on a runway
Young money, just play
I see you wanna take this here the hard way
I'm dipped in butter, ...cake
...took it out of my hate
I'm dangerous, my name is Range Ray
Tell my ****as ... these ****as ...
I'm on a diet ... Sugar Ray's gone you need to pray
You need to live like ...
I'm going at your neck like a dolphin
My ... is on protein
Mark ... on codeine,
... that's what I mean
They full of shit like a diaper,
Never been a snake but I'm in a viper
I don't ... I bite you
That's not a ... that's ...
Young rich gangster with stamina
That's not your car that's from Alamo
... my big bro
... amphibian, I'm animal, back in white diamonds
... the chose the tickets
So I gave them a salute, from a distance
Never had ... she never took a test...
I'm so fly, let me take my cake out
Blaze on a whips, stand too close it cuts your face out
I'm over the top but my face still ...
If you think you sleeping on me then I'm bleaching your blanket yeah
My back yard is river front
Now go swimming with the sharks,
You little punk, pull a ****a on side, meditating
I hate fake busters, discrimination
And if you think I'm gonna stop sucker keep waiting
... keep on hating.

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Lil Chuckee
Lil Chuckee
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