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Lyrics to Spaceman by Dutch Tha KID

I'm gone like spaceship
Pink bottles wasted
Waking 9 to 5 that's ..
So witness this King ...
I'm not here 3 doors down
Looking in the class back from ...
I pitch this ... like ... work
.. I don't talk money
I let the money talk
Park sup[er heavy
That explains my funny walk
She sais I am so fly
She sais I am so smooth
And I am a top gun
And my top proves
.. I am so alive
So I check the duce
.. might land
You .. from the space man

Hands up
Clap clap

Trying to make it come up
She is obsessed with ..
She things she is playing me
Now momma playing who
Now moma look at me
Now look at you
I am a dog well dogs eat dog food
.. girls is mad too
I see you from the highest now I am looking past you
The wonderful world of karma
My exes all in the coma I am ...
Hostage when it's going process
You make it hard to eat so I made it hard to digest
Can't swallow this
But you can swallow this
I don't know what you thought it was
On the moon I might land
On the spaceship call the spaceman

Hands up
Clap clap

.. but talk slim
Maybe because they can't .. of them,
So hate me just hate me
Don't believe me now eat this
I've been hot since .. smooth
Soon she wann mingle with a star ..
I shine brighter than .. hydrogen
.. they are all mad at the kids ..
.. what you call balling out
.. out of space

Hands up
Clap clap

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Dutch Tha KID
Dutch Tha KID
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