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Lyrics to Star Bwoy by Mavado


Yuh nuh see a mi and di gal dem a par,

Gal dem waan mi, man a star.

My yute just gwaan watch yuh gal,

Spend every dime,

spend every nickel,

spend every other coin,

peer gal a mine.

Yuh see wha mi a sey?


Di gal dem waan star bwoy,

But mi nah star no blue movie.

Dem waan, Star bwoy,

A nuh my fault if a boy gal choose mi,

she waan, Star bwoy,

some boy gal use dem

nuh gal cyaan use we,

dem waan Star bwoy,

wha yuh sey dem waan?

Star bwoy.

Verse One:

Yuh see inna my crew every man a star,

Over my crew mi see every gal a war.

She sey her man a one real scuminar

long distance stulla nah pop dung pon har,

she nuh waan nuh man weh dead inna di show,

she nuh waan no man gih nuh head inna di show.

She sey she no waan no head inna di show,

tek out di furniture, fling dem outta door.

Mi a perform fi get di Oscar,

gal a fly in from Nebraska

Three months afta dem see doctor,

Dem know mi cold, just like Alaska.

Rept. Chorus

Verse Two:

Yuh a hear mi,

miss little red riding hood,

she love di bike, so she ride him good,

back up, back up, ride him good,

yuh man cyaan lef cause yuh style him good.

tell di chicken head dem fi find dem coop.

Yuh nuh hardware, yuh pile him good,

tip pon yuh toe point, dem dweet it if dem could,

yuh hold di star bwoy like yuh should.

Rept. Chorus


Chimney Records,

Gal dem a check hard,

every gal a come at mi yaad.

Yea, yea, yea.

Mi sey Chimney Record,

yuh nuh see di gal dem a check hard.

Anodda one, press record.

Di gal dem waan Star Bwoy.

Frass, Gully mi sey,

Gully Squad, Gully God, bad.

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