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Lyrics to I Just Can't Do This by K. Michelle

I might be crazy for doing you the way that I do. doing everything in my soul to keep your son away from you. though I try to ignore the promises you made I realize it (feel I can't go on). I might be crazy for sleeping with my best friends boyfriend (in the nba), was never nothing personal just trying to get my hustle on(can you hear me say). I remember when I used to love you but now you got my heart filled with hate.

I feel like I feel like I can't go on. (and I said I), I feel like I like I'm own my own (and I said I), I feel like I feel like I ain't so strong. feel I can't go on.

I might be crazy for living this life I live when no one really showed me the way to go.(can blame this on my home) dear momma I, I gotta tell the truth that all the wrong I do I can't blame it on you(but I feel I can't go on). am I crazy to question the way that I feel, waiting for the day to come when it's more than sex it's really love (but I know) that this could never be us, and baby that's messed up(feel I can't go on)


The truths been known to set you free (and best believe) that I've been angry, (and now) to pour it out has taken all of that why I (feel I can't go on)

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K. Michelle
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