Video Premiere: Kat DeLuna - Bum Bum ft. Trey Songz

Kat DeLuna, famous for her 2007 club banger "Whine Up", returns with a steamy visual for brand-new single "Bum Bum" featuring R&B crooner Trey Songz. The song was written by the Bronx songbird (full name Kathleen "Kat" Emperatriz DeLuna) and Trey Songz (real name Tremaine Neverson) together with Sam Hook, Shaun Pizzonia, Braun Thompson, Orville Burrell, Ricardo Ducent and Ophlin Russell-Myers. The slow-tempo track, which heavily samples Sister Nancy's 1982 reggae classic "Bam Bam", is a fusion of dancehall, reggae and R&B. "Bum Bum" was produced by Tyrone Edmond and Marcus Siskind and serves as the lead single taken from Kat DeLuna's highly-delayed upcoming third studio album 'Viva Out Loud', which is scheduled for a 2015 release by eOne and Global Music Brand.

The voyeuristic music video was directed by Tyrone Edmond. In the clip, the 27-year-old seductress oozes sexiness and puts her Dominican assets on display as she bares it all for the Trey Cam. Kat shakes her bum bum, takes a steamy hot shower wearing nothing but a white shirt and dances provocatively against a wall. The latin beauty looks smoking hot although she could do without that cigarette. The video ends abruptly with a promise for a second part coming soon. Trey doesn't appear in the video at all so just sit back and enjoy the private show. "Bum Bum" is a sure-fire summer anthem and will have people getting frisky every time Kat's bootylicious jam gets played in the club.

We know that you can't get enough of the brilliant visual for "Bum Bum" and are dying to abuse the play button. We encourage you to watch it a few times. In order to help you memorize the song, we have provided you with the actual lyrics you can scroll through for ease of access.

Please feel free to sound off in the comment section and pass it on to any of your friends who might appreciate it. Fans can buy Kat DeLuna's music by clicking on any of the "Buy" links found on the page next to the artist's picture.

Lyrics to Bum Bum by Kat DeLuna ft. Trey Songz

[Verse 1: Kat DeLuna]
If you wanna love me
You gotta do it right
Cause every Queen need a King who wants a body
All day, all night

[Pre-Hook: Kat DeLuna]
We could do it in the shower
We could do it on the floor
You could get it ever hour
Boy there's so much more

[Hook: Kat DeLuna & (Trey Songz)]
Bum bum, from where this came from
If you love this bum bum
It's the only one you want
What a bum bum
(How could I replace that), bum bum
(I just wanna see you shake that), bum bum
(Give it to me I'ma take that), bum bum
What a bum bum

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
Shawty came in and she caught me red handed staring at her butt
So I say what's up
If I get it I ain't losing it
Cause I know what to do with it
Make you say oohh
This is the love you've been waiting for
We've come too far so when I get close
Ain't nobody touching your body but me

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Kat DeLuna & (Trey Songz)]
I know you love it when I shake it, shake
(Know I love t when you shake it for me)
Go hard but don't break it, break
(Don't worry I ain't taking no breaks)

[Bridge: Trey Songz & Kat Deluna]
Baby let me see it, shake
Let me see it, shake (x7)

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Outro: Kat DeLuna]
One thing, one thing, what a bum yeah
One thing, one thing, what a bum yeah
Boy there's so much more

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Kat DeLuna
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