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Lyrics to Lala (Love Supply) by Oceana

It's the first of May, uuh
I don't feel the same, uuh
I know something changed, uuh
Since you crossed my way, uuh

And I'm looking to my left
And I'm looking to my right
Everybody seems to be so much more alive
Uuh love is in the air
... and candy everywhere
Your sweetness makes me mmm...


I give you all my lala,
But don't you tell my mama
'Coz I don't need no dramma in my life
So what's happening to your car
Take me somewhere far
So we can do the lalala all night

Big brown eyes, uuh
And the cutest smile, uuh
And I'm feelin' high, uuh
Oh it drives me wild, uuh

I like the way he makes me shake
Oh it's keeping me awake
His hands are allover me
Makes so hard to behave
Uuh love is in the air
... and candy everywhere
Your sweetness makes me mmm...


Let's brake it down and talk about the lala
Even your daddy did it to your mama
I like the lala
you like the lala
Everybody in the house loves to like the lala


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