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Lyrics to Angel by Pharrell Williams

I know why ****as see what i see in you girl,
you bad girl

(yeah, yeah)

She got an ass like loaf of bread
You wanna a slice
She's the girl you can take home to mother
But she dont want ya bread
Brother, ya betta think twice (twice)
See, ya can see the heat I will be her bottle

She's an angel ( She's the girl, I want to share my dreams)
She's an angel ( I don't care if she can't fly over things)
She's an angel ( I dont care if ya can't see her wings)
Watch her fly (yeah)

She's in my dreams when i sleep
(Yeah Yeah)
when i wake she's gone so I weep
(Yeah Yeah)

[Repeat Chorus]

"Hello, yeah mom,
I love you too,
I'm just nervous about this girl
What do you think I should do
I'm talking to her
I'm here with her dad
You sure?
I'm do it now"

Ding, Dong
Father can she hang with me tonight
To go to the mall ( Whoa oh)
I won't touch the girl within your sight
Dont you see at all

[Repeat Chorus]

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Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams
The music video for Pharrell Williams' single Angel has already been viewed 17,412 times since it was posted on Sunday, January 15, 2006. The video belongs to the music genre of R&B.

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