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Lyrics to Check Your Coat by O'Neal McKnight ft. Greg Nice

[Intro : Greg Nice]

O'neal ; McKnight ; lets do it

[Greg Nice] 2xs

pump your fist in the air ! Come on
pump your fist in the air ! Come on
wave em around in the atmosphere
my people in the front my people in rear

[Greg Nice]

Yo its Greg n i with O'NEAL
passin em dubs on the wheels of STEEL
its so hott im about to PEEL
my clothes off like a orange PEEL
whoo dat, in the black high HEELS
body hot like jessica BIEL
just might rite her in my WEEEL [will]
party rockin from now UNTIL

[O'neal McKnight]

I wonder why
I can't find that girl
everytime that I close my eyes she's gone (shes gone)
and then I return to my suite (return to my suite)
her scent, just be callin me (callin me)
but when I turn my head
she's not there
so im left here with this beat

[Chorus ]

just check your coat (just check your coat)
and let the music get inside you (and let the music get inside you)
and we can dance the night away
just me and you (just me and you, oh just me and you)

[O'neal McKnight]

I wanna try to give this a chance
everytime I do
i'm just left with this dance
so i'm uptop and i'm down (uptown and im down)
thinkin this girl might be around (be around)
but wen its 12o'clock and the parties hott
she gone and im left with this sound

[Chorus ]


sexy ladyyy
let me talk to you for a minute
im tryna tell you sumthin uh dont u get
so listen to me
we can feel this beat
we can groove sentually
and dance all night

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