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Lyrics to She's Like A Star by Taio Cruz

She's my everything,
Like good morning girl,
She's my angel, up above my world,
And she's the only one, who understands me,
That's why I call her, my new family,

[Pre Chorus]
See she's the only one that I want by my side,
She's the only one that I believe can save my life,
She makes me want to be a better man (Oh I)
She's higher than the sky, the sun and the moon,

She's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)

Now let me explain, she's the best of me,
Is it clich©? To say she's destiny,
There's no one else but her, well least for me,
That's exactly why, I must now
repeat, that...

[Pre Chorus]

[Rap Section]
She's my star my light, starry night,
Aviator shades cos she shine so bright,
Beats on the G5, songs I write, Just so I
can take her on take them G5 flights,
Yeah she's my type, just my height,
She's my fit, she's just right,
She's like I think we might,
Go far, I'm like you right,
Cos she could be my angel wings,
Her voice sounds like an angel sings,
Yeah I be back with the trademark strings,
Just tryina compliment the sound she brings,
She's like we could go far, I'm like you, you, you are,
I'm like you, you, you are,
You are my,my, guiding star.


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Taio Cruz
Taio Cruz
The music video for Taio Cruz's single She's Like A Star has already been viewed 25,125 times since it was posted on Saturday, June 28, 2008. The video belongs to the music genre of R&B.

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