Music Video: The Donnas - Fall Behind Me

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Lyrics to Fall Behind Me by The Donnas

You're gonna fall behind me
You're gonna cry and beg for mercy
'Cause you're not ready baby
And you got nothing on me

Now that I'm getting to know her
Part of me wants to show her
Who she's really screwing over

'Cause she's got nothing real
Taking everything that she can steal
Just like it was her last meal


How long is she gonna be around ?
How long do we have to watch her dumb it down ?
'Cause when it's cheap it fades fast
How lond does she think it's gonna last ?


And you got nothing on me
And you got nothing on me
And you got nothing on me
And you got nothing on me

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The Donnas
The Donnas
The music video for The Donnas' single Fall Behind Me has already been viewed 7,781 times since it was posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2007. The video belongs to the music genre of Rock.

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