Video Premiere: Keyshia Cole - New Nu

Keyshia Cole kicks some cocky boys' ass at a paintball game in the self-directed visual for her brand-new single "New Nu". The song was written by the 33-year-old R&B diva together with Michael Williams, Marquel Middlebrooks, Nayvadius Wilburn, Timothy Thomas and Theron Thomas. The track was produced by Mike Will Made It and Marz and is featured on Keyshia Cole's sixth studio album 'Point of No Return', released on October 7, 2014 by Interscope Records.

The music video was produced by Kim Resteghini and showcases a paintball fight between the girls' team led by Keyshia and the men's team. The boys get schooled by the blood thirsty women who emerge victorious in a true battle of the sexes fashion. There is also a spliced in clip of Keyshia stunting in front of a green screen filled with falling diamonds and hundred dollar bills.

Feast your eyes on the visual for "New Nu" and turn up the volume to give the track a proper listen. Read the lyrics below the video player to better understand the song's meaning.

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Lyrics to New Nu by Keyshia Cole

[Altered Deep Voice:]
Diamonds ain't gon' last so long
The good started feel wrong
I can't believe it ended so fast
Endin' this way...

[Verse 1:]
Tell me, you been doin' me so wrong
And I been puttin' up waitin' fo' so long
The minute I say I'm leavin' you wanna try to get me all of these fancy things

But baby

Diamonds ain't gon' work this time
Money ain't gon' help, oh no no
And the good **** just don't feel the same
It's such a shame (such a shame) endin' this way

[Verse 2:]
I'm tellin' you that you can go
Cause I ain't puttin' up with it no mo'
Eh I'll try to stay and work it out
But you don't really wanna be here no...
(I'm on that new shit)


[Verse 3:]
I know you get cause, you're seein' another
There's no more love, it's left
Endin' this way...
And I know ya got hoes, you're ballin', it's easy
But please believe it's nothing to me, okay


[Altered Deep Voice]

Featured Artist

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole
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