Video Premiere: K. Michelle - Maybe I Should Call

K. Michelle reflects on her past relationship with a famous actor rumored to be Idris Elba in the cinematic visual for her brand-new single "Maybe I Should Call". The touching ballad serves as the second official single from the 31-year-old R&B diva's upcoming sophomore album 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?', scheduled to be released on December 9, 2014 by Atlantic Records.

In the Iren Sheffield Brown-directed music video, K. Michelle tells a somber love story about a handsome man she's still in love with but can't be with, because he now has a wife and a baby. She contemplates what her life could have been had she called him like she was going to, but never did, as she imagines her former lover living the happy family life with his new woman and their child. The clip is inspired by true events and it is rather evident that the Memphis-born songstress/reality star has a hard time letting go of her old flame.

Feast your eyes on the visual for "Maybe I Should Call" and turn up the volume to give the track a proper listen. Read the lyrics below the video player to better understand the song's meaning.

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Lyrics to Maybe I Should Call by K. Michelle

[Verse 1]
Long distance in the way of what could be
Even when you're here, you're not with me
She's having the child I should've carried
I'll be damned if yall get married
How's the baby, How you adjusting?
Ain't gon work, you got problems trusting
Let me stop, I'm supposed to be focused
But these nights are the coldest

Will you ever let her go? I don't know
Will I ever be first? I hope
But I ain't just sitting around, can't wait for someone to sing my worth
Damn I can't compete with a baby
Is there any room left in your heart for me

I love him (x5)
Maybe I should call, Maybe I should call
I love him (x5)
But I never call
Maybe that's my flaw

[Verse 2]
Maybe that's why I ain't got a man
Cause I be doing too much thinking
Tryna compensate for your absence
But no drug can take me where you can
No I just want you where I am
1,000 of them, just want one him
Drowning in all of my excuses
Heart is feeling useless
Probably should've used it less



After the last time we talked
Oh, I was a mess
You had me stressed
Oh no no no no no
I wrote the text, I didn't send it
Dialed your number, but said forget it
Oh, what would it change
She's still in the way
But I


Featured Artist

K. Michelle
K. Michelle
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