Video Premiere: Tamar Braxton - Let Me Know ft. Future

Tamar Braxton returns with a glamorous visual for her Future-assisted love song entitled "Let Me Know". The Tiyon "TC" Mack-produced track serves as the lead single from the R&B diva's upcoming fourth studio album, scheduled to be released early 2015 via Epic Records and Streamline Records. "Let Me Know" was written by Tamar Braxton togetehr with Al Sherrod “A-Rod” Lambert and Ericka J. Coulter. The song samples Aaliyah's 1994 classic "At Your Best (You Are Love)".

In the music video, directed by Tamar Braxton in collaboration with Rene & Radka, the R&B songstress lets her talents and beauty shine as she flirts with the camera in very revealing outfits and even covers her naked body in glitter.

Watch the Let Me Know video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Let Me Know by Tamar Braxton ft. Future

[Chorus: Future] x2
Do you love the way I do
When I'm lovin' your body?
Hey do you love the way I do
When I'm lovin' your body?
Hey do you love the way I do
When I'm lovin' your body?
When I'm lovin' your body
When I'm lovin' your body?

[Verse 1: Tamar Braxton]
Do you feel it in your heart?
Do you feel it in your soul?
When you know when it's right
You don't let go, you don't let go

[Bridge: Tamar Braxton]
We've been through so many things
Ups and downs and in betweens
If you need more love from me
I'll give you more, just let me know

[Pre-Chorus: Tamar Braxton]
It's like a lovin' when you run and go tell somebody
Same lovin' put you through hell sometimes
You don't give it up to nobody
When you love somebody, when you love somebody

[Chorus: Future]

[Verse 2: Tamar Braxton]
Now when he breaks your heart
Lie to your face when you know
When you cry and you cry and try
You try some more, you try some more




[Bridge: Tamar Braxton]
Turn on this light ... good love
And so your kisses makin' sure of
And give it to you, get it good love
Turn the lights on, it's goin' down of course
And if you don't really like it fast
We can go deeper baby don't be scared
Love again and again and again
Do you want more? Let me know

[Pre-Chorus x2] + [Chorus]

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Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton
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