Video Premiere: T-Pain - Drankin' Patna Lyric Video

Buying you a drank is so 2007. T-Pain is now willing to buy his object of affection the entire bar in the official lyric video for his new single "Drankin' Patna". The track is lifted from the king of autotune's upcoming fifth studio album 'Stoicville: The Phoenix', scheduled to be released later this year or early 2015 via Nappy Boy, Konvict and RCA Records.

In the music video T-Pain finds him a sexy drinking partner with whom he hopes to hit it off. They hit a bar together for a round of shots. T-Pain's dream girl likes the same things he likes but she just might drink him under the table.

Watch the Drankin' Patna video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Drankin' Patna by T-Pain

Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
(Hey) (Hey)

[Verse 1]
Shawty so perfect (so perfect)
Imma buy the bar got her drinking everything that I drink (that I drink)
A little talk (real talk)
So far (so far)
She been thinking everything that I think
And we like the same girl, not the main girl
She been sipping on that black & blue label
You must ain't heard I do my thing girl
I can't let you drink me under this table
She keep taking shots to the head and I know that I can't keep up (keep up)
One more drink and Imma be there
You gon' see me walk outta this club (this club)
Hey, she ain't even drunk yet (drunk yet)
She ain't finished that cup yet (cup yet)
Everybody looking at me like Imma stop ya
I done found me a drankin patna

I think I need her to drink a drink with me
I found the girl of my dreams (and I gotcha)
I done found me a drinking partner
Everybody want her (want her) (hey)
She be sipping that Corona (rona) (hey)
And we ain't turning up in the club without her
I done found me a drankin patna

I think I'm in love with your cousin
I done seen her take three or four shots already (Oooway)
And we in the club like it's nothing
She walked in (she walked in) and everybody say
Ooo here she comes, somebody get the shot girl over here right now
Ooo here she comes, just line them up in front of her, she gon' take them right down

[Verse 2]
Tonight was so worth it (so worth it)
I done found somebody that likes doing everything that I do (that I do)
We hit the floor (we hit the floor)
Just like that (just like that)
When I move you move
It's like we're the same person (same person)
We drinking even if we ain't thirsty (ain't thirsty)
Screaming YOLO in the lane swerving (lane swerving)
I'm about to give her that T-Pain service (oooh hey)
I got a feeling she ain't going nowhere till she know that she leaving with me
We drink one more big shot for the night, shawty you ain't gon' get no sleep (no sleep)
Hey, we ain't even done yet (done yet)
We ain't finished this cup yet (cup yet)
And everybody lookin' at me like Imma stop ya
I done found me a drankin patna




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