Video Premiere: Keyshia Cole - Heat Of Passion

Keyshia Cole spills dirty details about her man's infidelities she learned directly from his side-chick in the dramatic visual for her new single "Heat Of Passion", taken from the R&B diva's sixth studio album 'Point of No Return', released on October 7, 2014 via Interscope Records.

The cinematic music video directed by Keyshia Cole and John Colombo, picks up right where the video for "Intro (Last Tango)" left off, that is around the Versace Mansion in South Beach, Florida. Keyshia takes off in her car to start a new life. Meanwhile, her cheating boyfriend (played by Don Benjamin) returns home and quickly realizes that the best thing he's ever had is gone. He uses alcohol to numb his pain and decides to end his misery by killing himself. He calls the police and as soon as they arrive, he pulls the trigger.

Watch the Heat Of Passion video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Heat Of Passion by Keyshia Cole

911, what's your emergency?

You took her round the corner by the condo
I know it's your tale
Even took her round the corner by her favorite bar
Pulled up an did it in the back seat
She said you know her family well
Her sister and her brother, even her mother too
Even been giving her money for a few years
I feel so faint now
Don't know what I'm doing
On my way to you in the heat of passion

Somebody better call the police
Cause I'm feeling kinda crazy right now
It hurts, and I can't do much about it
Cause I ain't catching no cases
And baby I ain't doing no time, for you
In the heat of passion
Somebody better call the paramedics
Cause I'm feeling kinda crazy right now
And I can't do much about it
Cause I ain't catching no cases
And I gon' do no time for you
My life's in a whirlwind

But instead I decided to move all my things out the house
So by the time you make it home all my shit'll be gone
Now you callin' me a miilion times, but I ain't pickin' up
You come in the house, everything is strolled all about
You know it's raining, and the TV ain't workin'
You grab the bottle and the gun
And you sit down on the floor all alone
But it's too late, in the heat of passion


Oh baby, why did you do it anyway?
Don't I give you everything you need?
I cook and I celan, take cacre of our baby
All that over some funk ass ****
You gotta be kidding me, you have to be kidding me
Are you serious right now?
Well you need to think about it
Call your mama, maybe she can help you out this time

I'm just arriving at the scene, can I get an update on the call?

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Keyshia Cole
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