Video Premiere: Ashanti - Early In the Morning ft. French Montana

Ashanti teams up with rapper French Montana in the sensual visual for their brand-new collaboration "Early In the Morning", which serves as the fourth single taken from the 34-year-old R&B diva's fifth studio album 'Braveheart', released on March 24, 2014 via Written and eOne.

In the Eif Rivera-directed music video, Ashanti has got a thang for her man, played by French Montana, as she can't stop thinking about the things she wants to do to him when she wakes up in her bed early in the morning while wearing sexy lingerie. The lovebirds keep texting each other before hitting a club where Ashanti heats things up by dancing seductively for French.

Watch the Early In the Morning video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Early In the Morning by Ashanti ft. French Montana

Whooh, Hey hey
Whooh, Heyy
Early in the morning [x4]

Ooh, Ooh got a thang for you too, Yeah [x2]
Thinkin bout you
Early in the morning [x8]
Like ooh, ooh got a thang for you

[Verse 1: Ashanti]
Said I been thinkinkin' boutchyu
What we gon' do boy?
Me & u in this situation
My body anticipatin'
Layin' here all up in this bed
With these thoughts all up in my head
About yo hands all on my waist
And the way you make me say yo name
Said you got a thang for me, then show me
And if I like it,
Baby watch the things that I could show you
Early in the mornin'
I'mma have you moanin'
Tryna to fit it all in
Early in the mornin'

Ooh, Ooh I got a thang for you too [x5]

Think bout you
Early in the mornin' [x8]
Ooh, Ooh Gotta thang for you too

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Early in the mornin' [x2]
Gettin' to this money
Early in the mornin'
Thinkin' boutchyu whole lot
Shawty, What's the hold up?
Drop the head, we roll up
I'm twisted, never sober
We be up
On that smoke, on that drink
We be up
She gon' ride 'til the end
We be up
Get to the money and it won't stop
Slick Rick chains wit the gold watch

Ooh, Ooh Got a thang for you too, Yeah [x4]
Think bout you
Early in the mornin' [x8]
Ooh, Ooh gotta thang for ya

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