Video Premiere: SZA - Julia / (Tender)

Solana Rowe better known by her stage name SZA is a new indie R&B sensation, signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, who's soulfully seductive voice has captured the attention of many music lovers.

Felix Snow-produced "Julia" is the lead single from SZA's third EP titled 'Z'.

The Rodney Passé-directed music video finds the singer riding along the oceanside in the back seat of an old school Mercedes. The clip is interspersed with footage of SZA singing the song and looking vulnerable in front of the camera. The visual ends with SZA dancing on the beach at night while her new song "Tender" is playing in the background.

Watch the Julia / (Tender) video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Julia / (Tender) by SZA

Here soon, here soon [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Loving alone is what you make it (make it)
Stay for the storm if you can take it (take it)
But pray for a raincoat
Go up to where they're blind to
I know you worry a lot
I’ll be here for you
Do I care enough?
Do I feel for you?
I can guarantee

Come on, this one [x4]

I didn’t know you tried
Cause you wanted more
And didn’t know you cried
Cause you wanted more
Things don't happen the way you hoped to
I’m just keeping a little hope, baby
I didn’t know you tried
Cause you wanted more

[Verse 2:]
Dying my daydreams in your bedroom (bedroom)
Waiting so long, said you’d be here soon (here soon)
How could you forget that
I’m the one who
Forgot all your mistakes
And dirty drawers
You know I care for you
When hell over earth came
I stood for you
Will you stand for me?



Funny how life is turning out
I don't have much to talk about
Don’t have much to write about
Got a shitload to cry about
Funny the words I do kick
Funny the ****as I do pick
It’s funny what sticks
(Go figure)
Mama said I’m sensitive
I gotta work on that
Not really
Tired of using adjectives, I gotta build on that
You feel me?
Not really

Young man, tryna hold the world in a broken hand, hand
Young man, tryna find the world in a broken hand


Come through, take a bit ?
Aren't you, glad i'm destroyed
I have, nothing left for you to rape

Don't think much, of myself
I just, love your hell
Still just, your speed dial whore

Tell me who you want me to be
Gave you the best of me
Still want the rest of me...
A snippet of the song “Tender” as premiered at the end of her 3rd single “Julia”, from her EP “Z”.

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