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Lyrics to Cali Love by Sabi ft. Tyga

[Hook: Sabi]
My top down on my jeep
Rollin' the cali streets
My music turnt up
My crew mobbin' like
La La La La
La La La La
Cali Love
My top down in my hood
Them boys lookin whats good
My crew stay turnt up
My girls mobbin like what
Singing La La La La
La La La La
Cali Love

[Verse 1: Sabi]
My crew mobbin', I'm hot
Ray Bans & my flip flops
Gold all in my wrist watch pool
Parties on roof tops
They got trees and you know this
Sit back cause they rollin' that
La la la la la la la la la la

[Pre-Hook: Sabi]
That California sun
Bring that west coast love
Won't you come and get some
Of that California dreamin'


[Verse 2: Sabi]
We still mobbin, I'm hot
Zuma Beach and my Sun Block
Heading to my night spot
City lights in my back drop
We cruisin down my block
Boopin' Heads to that 2Pac
Like la la la la la la la la



[Verse 3: Tyga]
Palm trees, sex on the beach
Corvette, leather seats
My queen awaits and I'm wide awake cause I'm the king
It's like a chess game and I'm playing for keeps
Pop that top for me, then I'm gonna make that **** leak
She called me baby boy, no Tyreese, I beat it up like Ali Rodney King me
You everywhere you ain't supposed to be So get close to me
And it rose on me, grow on me
We can take off for weeks
I'm top down and riding on the sunset
And turn the music down cause I'm turned up
Bet she ain't gonna walk the same man
Bet she ain't gonna talk the same way
When she gets a taste of LA


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