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Lyrics to All That I Can Say by Mary J. Blige

Loving you is wonderful
Something like a miracle
Rest assured I feel the same way you do
Needing you it isn't hard
With you I can let down my guard
Stay secure that's all I'm asking of you
I wish I had words to tell
This feeling that I know so well
But I don't, I don't

All that I can say
Do do, do do, do do, do
All that I can say
Do do, do do, do do, do

I've always been curious
Needing someone serious
Looking for someone who loves like me
But the day I stopped my search
It seemed that you were put on Earth
To show me everything I could not see
I wish I could find a way
To tell you how I felt that day
But I can't (I just can't)
I can't


Knowing him, touching him
Showing him that I'm all in
Living and forgiving him
I would do it all again
Genuine seraphim
Sweeter than cinnamon
Heaven-sent gentleman
Synonyms for loving him


I love you, I love you
Oh I don't wanna live without you
You're all that I can say
Loving you is wonderful
(Do do, do do, do do, do)
All that I can say
(Do do, do do, do do, do)
All that I can say
(Do do, do do, do do)

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Mary J. Blige
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