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Lyrics to Feelin' You by 3LW ft. Jermaine Dupri

You're the heart of me
[Had to tell you a little]
Baby pardon me
[If I sweat you a little]
Its just the effect you have
I dont quite understand myself but
I aint worried about it
[Cause I see it in you]
No, I aint worried about it
[I see you're feeling it too]
I just wanted to put it on your mind
I think that youre one of a kind
And I know cause I

I done had others in my life that I like
But I aint feeling them like im feelin you
Everytime we talk, everytime we touch,
I get a rush cause I can tell you're really feeling me too
And its rare, these days to find somebody who really cares
You mean everything in my life & I wanna share
The ways I never felt, Im really, really feeling you

You really got a way that I just cant deny
You be on my mind from night to sunrise
And even if I try to fake it, I know Ill never shake it
You got the kiss to make me flip
And I would never trade it
24/7, 365
Your love is staying fly, your love is staying right
Forever and ever I need you
I never knew, no, never I would find another better
Oooh, I been meaning to tell ya

Its the way that you look thats so irresitable
And its the way you touch me thats so incredible
Theres no other, you are my lover
From beginning to end, Ill say it again
Forever and ever, I need you
I never, no, never will find a ****a better
Ooh, I been meaning to tell ya


*[J.D RAP]*
Now, Now, Now, baby you know how hard it is
Tryna find the right one
I done had lovers in my life
But youre like none
I love your whole style, physique, you're so sweet
Petite, type of girl I let hold my G's
My parking lot, pimping slower
Tell em girls hold up
Me and you, no luck
Got a girl, sho' nuff
And I feel like Im getting it back
Cause I aint felt like this
Since I was a lad
My whole crew, when im around,
You change
I keep around new thangs
I pull up and you and your brow do raise
You was the shorty I was looking for
One I had to push up on
Seein that you up out of ya crew, true
And everything I do is for you
To love you
Gimme the bundles
Its the same way I feel for you, for you
And everything I do is for you
To love you
Gimme the bundles
Its the same way I feel for you, for you


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