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Lyrics to I Will Learn To Love Again by Kaci Battaglia

(To love again...)

drowning in tears that wont be me
I will soon be free from all these chains of all this pain inside
and though I cry it wont be long till I regain the strength to know
I can go on
I will find my way through the heart break I will not give up on love
I believe

I will learn to love again I will learn to trust
once this heart can mend
I will learn to
Learn to love again

all of these tears time will dry them I will survive them
and make it through into another day all of this pain
time will heal it there?ll be a time sometime I know
I will be feel it
I will live through life without you after the hurting is done
I believe


I will find someone who deserves my touch after all the hurt is through
I will be so over you I will not give up on love
I believe yeah


Oh yeah yeah oh oh love again

(To love again...)

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Kaci Battaglia
Kaci Battaglia
The music video for Kaci Battaglia's single I Will Learn To Love Again has already been viewed 15,044 times since it was posted on Saturday, October 22, 2005. The video belongs to the music genre of Pop.

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