Music Video: Gretchen Wilson - Work Hard, Play Harder

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Lyrics to Work Hard, Play Harder by Gretchen Wilson

I work a double shift on monday
Tuesday i get up before dawn
Wednesday pouring coffee
Thursday night i'm tending the bar
Well, when friday night rolls around
I call my rowdy friends and we're honkytonk loud

I work hard, i play harder
I'm a good timin' american daughter
Redneck, blue collar,
And i party down to my last dollar
I work hard, i work hard, i work hard,
I play harder

I don't waste my time on
Manicures and spray on tans
And i don't pay no never mind
To the callouses i've worn on my hands
You know that people just can't understand how
I'm the first to clock in but the last to pass out

Chorus x2

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Gretchen Wilson
Gretchen Wilson
The music video for Gretchen Wilson's single Work Hard, Play Harder has already been viewed 11,298 times since it was posted on Saturday, August 9, 2008. The video belongs to the music genre of Country.

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