Video Premiere: Jessie J - Flashlight from Pitch Perfect 2

Jessie J has released an official music video for her brand-new single "Flashlight". The song was written by Sam Smith and Sia and recorded by Jessie J specifically for the "Pitch Perfect 2" soundtrack. "Flashlight" is a beautiful ballad that praises the support of a lover through dark moments in life.

In the visual, the 27-year-old British pop star implants herself in the world of Barden University before performing her new hit at a live concert in front of a flashlight-waving crowd. The clip is interspersed with actual movie footage from the upcoming sequel to musical comedy "Pitch Perfect" which is set to hit theaters on May 15.

While you watch the visual for "Flashlight" below, you can scroll through the lyrics and follow along for a karaoke-like experience.

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Lyrics to Flashlight by Jessie J

[Verse 1]
When tomorrow comes, I'll be on my own
Feeling frightened of the things that I don't know
When tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes
And though the road is long
I look up to the sky
And in the dark I found, I stop and I won’t fly
And I sing along, I sing along, then I sing along

I got all I need when I got you and I
I look around me, and see the sweet life
I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight
You're gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night
Can’t stop my heart when you shinin’ in my eyes
Can’t lie, it’s a sweet life
I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight
You're gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night
Cause you're my flash light
You're my flash light, you're my flash light

[Verse 2]
I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top
I'm not the afraid when the rain won't stop
Cause you light the way
You light the way, you light the way

[Chorus] x2

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Jessie J
Jessie J
The music video premiere of Jessie J's single Flashlight has already been viewed 18,860 times since it was posted on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The video belongs to the music genre of Pop.

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