Video Premiere: Jordin Sparks - Double Tap ft. 2 Chainz

Following her public breakup with singer Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks returns to the music scene with a seductive visual for her 2 Chainz-assisted brand-new single, entitled "Double Tap". It was created by the 25-year-old Season 6 American Idol champion together with rapper 2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) as well as Victoria Monet McCants, Thomas (Tommy) Parker Lumpkins, Gleyder "Gee" Disla", Finis "KY" White, Jaycen Joshua, Ryan Kaul, Ari Blitz, Larry Ryckman and Jonas Jeberg, who also produced the track. "Double Tap" is featured on Jordin Sparks' '#ByeFelicia' mixtape as well as her third studio album 'Right Here, Right Now', due out this spring on Salaam Remi's Louder Than Life label via Sony Music Entertainment.

The Dabs-directed music video finds Jordin uploading sexy selfies to her Instagram account, using her iPhone 6, in an attempt to seduce her secret admirer with whom she finally meets up at a party where 2 Chainz happens to be performing that night.

Peep the visual for "Double Tap" below. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the song lyrics and feel free to sing along. "Double Tap" will surely grow on you if you don't like it right now.

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Lyrics to Double Tap by Jordin Sparks ft. 2 Chainz

[Verse 1: Jordin Sparks]
Hair done, fitted and I'm on one
Bet I look better than your last one
Babe, I know we don't care
Instafamous ova night, yeah
Don't be scared to admit it
Seen you look from the start
Oh, on my Instagram you be lookin'
Secret looks on your phone, I know

[Chorus: Jordin Sparks]
Baby, on the low
You stay on my page cause I guess I'm your favorite
But you won't let it show, no way
If you like what you see then you gotta let me know
That you won't double tap that ho
That you won't double tap that ho

[Verse 2: Jordin Sparks]
Go and lemme know about you
Hashtag, somethin', show you're gangsta
Oh no, don't be no square
Just say it, just say it if ya want me

[Chorus: Jordin Sparks]

[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
You must be a psychic cause I've been lookin'
Ya ass gettin' fine with ya big cookie
****as know I woulda been took it
School of hard knocks, they was were playin' hooky
I really did it cause I say I did it
It's a turn on if a girl say she independent
It's a turn on if a girl say she ain't offended
If I ask her, can a homegirl come to dinner
Keepin' a picture, is you a singer or a stripper?
Tryna get with you, your other ****a unofficial
Well, is it an issue? Well I ain't think it was an issue
Cause when I get with you, I double tap more than a pistol

[Chorus: Jordin Sparks]

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Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks
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