Video Premiere: Bonnie McKee - California Winter

Bonnie McKee brings holiday cheer in the official visual for her brand-new single "California Winter". The song was written by the 30-year-old singer-songwriter together with Sean Walsh and Charlie Puth. The fun and upbeat track is all about staying warm in your lover's arms.

The Christmassy clip was directed by Dan O'Sullivan and Kat Burns. Bonnie McKee performs the festive song at a hollywood studio as she goes through multiple outfits and stages showcasing her sexy toned body in the holiday-themed music video, shot in one continuous take.

Watch the visual for "California Winter" below to truly appreciate the creative effort. Listen to the lyrics to hear the goodness. Play it a few times. Then if you dare, try not to have this song stuck in your head for days. Impossible, we tell ya.

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Lyrics to California Winter by Bonnie McKee

Dreaming of palm trees tonight
This is the season, the city is sleeping
Gleaming and glistening white
It's always summer with you

Outside it's cold and grey
All the streets shine like silver lakes
And the stoplights are blinking red and green
Like something in a movie scene

It's snowing, it's in the air
And I'm frozen but I don't care
Cause I'm golden as long as I'm with you

Cause when I'm in your arms it's like a

California winter
Yeah your love can keep me warm
When it's storming outside and you're holding me tight
It's like you take me to paradise

California winter
Yeah your touch is like sunshine
And on my holiday feels like I'm in L.A
Cause I'm yours and I know you're mine
Oh baby

California California winter
California California winter
When it's storming outside and you're holding me tight
It's like you take me to paradise

Dark skies, December hail
But i'm bright eyed and bushy tailed
Like I'm poolside and soaking up the sun
Even though my toes are numb

You are my angel wings
You are my north star watch over me
And when it gets dark you always light me up


Sparkling icicles gleam
You light a fire inside of me
And it feels like a tropical breeze
Melting my heart like a

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Bonnie McKee
Bonnie McKee
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