Video Premiere: Gwen Stefani - Spark The Fire ft. Pharrell Williams

Gwen Stefani brings on the heat in the super colorful visual for her brand-new single "Spark The Fire". The fun and playful song was produced by singer/superproducer Pharrell Williams who also lends his vocals on the track.

The Sophie Muller-directed music video finds Gwen Stefani floating on a cloud in an emoji world with Pharrell's head cutouts circling around her. The clip also shows Gwen dancing in an underground club, inciting people to put up their lighters and "spark the fire". She's later joined by her collaborator holding a sparkler and a crowd with glow sticks.

Peep the visual for "Spark The Fire" below. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the song lyrics and feel free to sing along. "Spark The Fire" will surely grow on you if you don't like it right now.

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Lyrics to Spark The Fire by Gwen Stefani ft. Pharrell Williams

I'm coming down, ooh, I had a blast
But you know what they say, the high will never last
But I believe that they all got it wrong (they're wrong)
So sprinkle some more love right here where it belongs
(You guys ready? Here we go...)

Who got the lighter?
Let's spark the fire
Who got the lighter?
Let's spark the fire (say what?)
Who got the lighter?
Let's spark the fire (here we go)
Who got the lighter?
Let's spark the fire

[Verse 1]
O.M.G, O.M.G, I'm back again
Original feel-good is what I defend
I'mma believe and no I don't pretend
Know what it's like when you look up and grin
The person next to you, feel that energy
Let's lift them up even high as can be (what?)
Finally remembering what is me
That is what happens when I get with P

[Pre-Hook] (x2)
Hey! Get off my cloud (say what?)
Hey! Get off my style (say what?)
Stay above the crowd (say what?)
Or make your way back down (say what?)


[Verse 2]
Let's go hard, let's go hard, hard as can go
It is time for the girl's species to grow
2015, we take off our shell (hey)
I am a Libra, let's balance the scales
L.O.L., the world should get ready cause we will prevail
Somebody has to, so maybe it's me
Say this with me and raise the frequency

[Pre-Hook] (x2)


Something's telling me
It takes a try to superview L.U.V
Was losing focus lost the perfect Lego piece
Got new glasses so finally I can see
Spark the fire

[Pre-Hook] (x2)


So much cooler when you do it, do it
(Do it, do it, do it)
Uh! So much cooler when you do it, do it
(Do it, do it, do it)
Uh-huh, everybody let's go!

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Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani
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