Video Premiere: Chris Brown - Don't Be Gone Too Long ft. Ariana Grande

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande get up close and intimate in the romantic visual for their collaborative effort "Don't Be Gone Too Long". The solo version of the track without Ariana Grande's vocals is featured on Chris Brown's upcoming sixth studio album 'X', due out next Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

The medieval-themed cinematic music video was directed by Chris Brown with the collaboration of Joseph Labisi and plays like a fairy tale about forbidden love between a princess played by Ariana and a commoner played by Chris, of which the evil king does not approve. The couple is forced to meet in the dark of the night but their secret is soon discovered and Chris Brown is thrown into jail. However, nothing can keep the two lovers apart for a long time and Chris manages to escape and get reunited with Ariana inside the tower she's kept in.

Watch the Don't Be Gone Too Long video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.

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Lyrics to Don't Be Gone Too Long by Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande

[Verse 1: Chris Brown & Ariana Grande]
I dug a single seed into the ground
I hope it grows, grows
In a year or two if you're around
You'll see a rose, rose
Pack me up and keep me hidden somewhere, that you can find me
On a train to Paris going nowhere, trouble is behind me

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Don't be gone too long (too long)
Cause you won't be there to love me when you're gone
Don't be gone too long (too long)
Tell me who's gonna love me when you're gone

[Verse 2: Chris Brown & Ariana Grande]
Golden leaves are dancing on the ground
It's getting cold, cold
Safe from time, will be forever young
Never old, old
See upon a fire out in space, zooming up behind me
All the wonder written in your face
Was there beside me

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Bridge: Chris Brown & Ariana Grande (x2)]
Bring it back to me, bring it back to me
Is it really over?
Bring it back to me, bring it back to me (baby don't worry)
Bring it back to me, bring it back to me
Is it really over?

[Hook: Chris Brown & Ariana Grande (x2)]

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Chris Brown
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